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Specialized In Pet Food
All Pet Food of PET FORH are produced according high quality standard and imported with original packaging. Professional global sourcing and supply chain management for pet food .
International Quality Standard
All products are produced and inspected according international quality standard. Using independent third party like MORGENSTOND for feeding test for pet food before being placed on the market.
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Quality Guarantee
Sophisticated Raw Material Quality Control System for imported products. Traceability of raw materials. No adding wheat &soy, artificial coloring and preservatives and genetically modified ingredients for pet food.
Pet Froh For Dogs
Pet Froh For Cats
Nationwide marketing network , sales channels and recognized reputation. PET FROH advocates scientific feeding and focuses on pets’ health and life quality. Bring the best products to the pets.
  1. Star Pet Club
    Star Pet Club
  2. Kamelot Canine Semen Bank
    Kamelot Canine Semen Bank
  3. Gu Dong Pet Paradise
    Gu Dong Pet Paradise
  4. Pet Caravan
    Pet Caravan
  5. VitLong Pet Life Club
    VitLong Pet Life Club
Contact Us: Hotline: 400-829-2226    Email: info@petfroh.com    Wechat: PETFROH佰芙宠物
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